These 4 Cool Tips Can Make Your Home Becomes Your Personal Cinema

There are often other obstacles that prevent you from going to the cinema, even though in your city cinema is available. For example, the distance between your home to the cinema is far or on the way to the cinema will encounter traffic or you are lazy to leave the house. No need to worry about missing entertainment. You can create entertainment watching movie theaters in your own home. Yes, it can be done by making your own home cinema. You can also stream your favorite movies on let me watch this at home.

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Here are 4 tips and things you need to prepare so that watching cinema-style films at home becomes more exciting:

1. Room Settings

Prepare a special room to watch a movie. If there is no special room, the family room can be used as a room to watch. Arrange the room in such a way that minimizes the noise from outside the house. If you need to use a silencer. Try to cover the incoming lights from outside.

2. Choose furniture that makes you feel comfortable

Still related to the first tips, choose a seat or sofa that makes you feel at home watching. Do not let the moment when watching a movie, your body feels achy because the seat is problematic, both because of the material and because the placement is not in accordance with the position of the screen. A small coffee table can be a perfect place for you to put your snacks and drinks in front of you.

3. Prepare foods and drinks

So that watching movies feels more fun and not crisp, first prepare snacks and drinks. You can mimic snacks sold in theaters. For example, french fries and popcorn and soft drinks. You can cook it yourself to add to the impression of the family while saving on expenses.

4. Use the Right Screen or TV

Just called the mini cinema, the screen used is indeed not as big as the cinema screen. But for size, certainly also not very small. The widescreen really determines your comfort in watching movies. An LED TV can be the right choice for your personal home cinema.

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