The Witch Hunt Claimed So Many Lives In The Past

Witch Hunts in the past took many lives, both guilty and innocent. More than 70 percent of the accused were women, especially widows, who often had no defense. Victims include the poor, the elderly, and female physicians, especially if the treatment fails. Anyone can be the accused, rich or poor, male or female, ordinary or respected. People suspected of being witches were made scapegoats for all the calamities. However, even today some people can be a victim of black magic, and that’s why you need to remove black magic from your body when you feel there’s something unnatural interferes with your health.

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Let’s get back to the topic, so, how are wizards recognized? Some of the accused were bound and placed in “holy” cold water. If he sinks, it means he is innocent and will be taken out. If he floats, it means he is a witch and sentenced to death right away or handed over for trial. Other suspects were weighed because it was believed that the witch’s body was light or weightless.

Another test is to look for “the sign of Satan”, which according to the book Witch Hunts in the Western World is believed to be “the real sign of Satan’s agreement with the magician”. The officers will look for the sign “by shaving the accused and examining his whole body thoroughly” – in public! Then, they jabbed the needle into whatever marks they found, such as birthmarks, small bumps, and scars. If it doesn’t hurt or doesn’t bleed, the sign is considered a sign of Satan.

Both Catholic and Protestant governments support the hunt for magicians, and in some areas, Protestant officials are crueler than Catholic officials. However, lately, people start to think with common sense. For example, in 1631, the Jesuit priest Friedrich Spee, who accompanied many “declared magicians” who would be burned alive on pillars, wrote that according to him none of the suspects was guilty. And, he warned that if the witch hunt continued, Germany would be empty! Furthermore, during that time, doctors start to find the cause of seizures and those causes can be explained scientifically. In the 17th century, the number of witch trials declined sharply. At the end of the century, the trial was completely abolished.

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