Maintain Tiles To Avoid Become Dull

One of the advantages of tile is that it has fairly strong durability compared to other types of floors. Even so, as a homeowner, you also should not be negligent in caring for cleanliness. As strong as anything, along with its use in the long term there will also be stains attached. For that, you need to take care of the floor in the following way to make it look shiny and clean. However, time could make tiles look dull because of accumulated dirt and stains that make it lost its shine but you do not have to worry because you could use the service of The Hills Carpet Cleaning.

But you should also maintain the looks of your tiles. If you accidentally spill liquids that cause stains such as coffee or tea, clean it immediately and don’t let the spill settle too long because it will be difficult to remove the stain. Avoid scrubbing roughly, wipe up spills using a soft cloth or towel made from microfiber. Some tiles are sensitive to acids such as vinegar, lime, and lemon. So, even though the material is effective for removing stubborn stains on the floor, avoid using it as a way to care for the floor so that it lasts.

Having a clean house with a sleek floor would be nice. Over time, the floor of the house will look dull due to stubborn stains that are difficult to clean. To create more shiny tiles, you can use polishes that are coated with crystals and wax. Use natural ingredients can be done. Coconut pulp for example. Coconut is known to have vegetable oil content in it. Vegetable oil is quite reliable in cleaning dirt. Besides, coconut pulp is also a way to take care of the floor to remain sleek even though it is eaten with age. However, make sure the type of tiles is suitable for this method. The last way to take care of the floor is to clean the dust with the floor mop. Previously, you better remove all dirt or sand particles on the surface of the floor so as not to cause scratches. Then you can mop it.

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