Decorate Kitchen in Condo with Some of These Ways

Everyone who lives in a condo is certainly a problem that is often faced is arranging furniture so that the narrow room does not feel more crowded. You need to know the right way to deal with this. However, beforehand you also have to choose the right condo. One that you can choose is Amber Park. Make sure the condo you choose fits your needs.

One room that is always used every day is the kitchen. So, make sure the kitchen in your condo feels comfortable to use. There are several tips for arranging a kitchen that feels cramped to be more comfortable when used. Some of the tips in question are

1. Choose furniture that is light and brightly colored
Furniture that can reflect light wells such as ceramics, marble kitchen tables, and stainless steel cooking utensils can make a narrow kitchen seem more spacious. Choose bright colors like lemon or orange green so the kitchen looks cheerful.

2. Let the light enter
A healthy kitchen certainly has good air circulation, especially so that cooking smoke can come out quickly. Another benefit that is no less important is that your kitchen can look bright from the reflection of sunlight. So you should just give a thin curtain to the kitchen window and turn on the lights when the room is not bright enough

3. Choose a cabinet shelf with a glass door
Another way to make a small kitchen look relieved is to let the cupboard and shelf look transparent. Choose a shelf with a glass door so that it can reflect light, giving the impression of being neat and clean and of course making it easier for you to find a collection of favorite dishes.

4. Paint the wall in white
White is the ideal choice for a narrow kitchen. This color can reflect light optimally and make the room seem spacious. When you choose white for cabinet shelves, kitchen tables, walls, and ceilings, then you create a sterile and spacious room.
Combine white furniture with colorful accessories or cooking utensils so that the kitchen looks more cheerful.

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