5 Serious Diseases That Begin From Continual Headaches

Headaches can be said to include a common disorder that occurs when you have a fever, stress, or including a series of other minor ailments. At chiropractor santa monica you can get treatment for your spine https://drroynissim.com/chiropractor-santa-monica/, which usually triggers your headaches. But if the headaches occur more than once a week, don’t ignore them. Because it could be that the headache is an indicator of more severe disease.

1. Don’t ignore the constant headaches accompanied by fever. Because this can indicate brain infections such as meningitis, encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. You might not expect it if this only happens once, but if the same condition occurs several times, you should immediately check it into the hospital so that you can have an MRI examination immediately.

2. If the headache feels so severe and is accompanied by regular pressure, then this can be an early symptom of the aneurysm (swelling in the artery wall that supplies blood to the brain). From this swelling, you can get a stroke.

3. If a headache that occurs suddenly like a hard blow or feels like being hit with a hammer, there may be subarachnoid bleeding or bleeding in the brain. You have to remember things that happened before you felt a headache. This could happen because your head has hit a hard object and you do not realize it causes bleeding in the brain.

4. Headaches that are concentrated in the temples are usually not an indication of a scary thing. But if it happens to people over 50 years old, it could be a sign of a temporal artery (a condition in which the arteries are inflamed).

5. Headaches that appear in the eye can be a sign of acute glaucoma. The reason is a buildup of pressure in the eye which then cuts off the blood flow in the eye and causes blindness.

Although at first glance it looks mild, do not ignore the headaches that occur continuously. Because it can be an early sign of a serious illness. Therefore, consult with your doctor to get further treatment.

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